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Dec 31
Added analytics
Dec 19
Online only checkbox as opposed to filter
Dec 18
Improved loading speed
Better alignment/sizing for various components
Dec 15
Removed some unused filters
Dec 9
Much better de-duplication logic
Dec 6
More obvious filter button
Happy hour and demo filters
Dec 4
Significantly improved event deduplication
Dec 1
Some events now have images
Nov 29
Fixed login bug
Nov 28
Added login to save viewed events
Ability to filter by events previously seen
Nov 27
Added changelog
Nov 19
Music filter
Newsletter signup!
Nov 10
Ability to filter by event creation date
Nov 9
UX/Product filter
Nov 8
Conference filter
Nov 7
Feedback form to collect user feedback
Nov 6
Comedy filter
Crypto filter
Nov 3
Location dropdown
Sort events by date and time
Nov 2
Online only & in-person filter
Nov 1
Added event filtering
Improved addresses for locations
Oct 31
Info (what/why is this app?) modal
Oct 23
Significant optimizations: 10x faster
Oct 12
Released Fogcity v1!